Wellness & Preventative Care

At Lake Conroe Veterinarians, our goal in everything we do is to help each patient we serve to enjoy as many happy, healthy years as possible. We believe that routine wellness care provides a foundation upon which your fur baby can enjoy a long, healthy and happy life.

At each of our locations, we place a strong emphasis on wellness care and prevention and have developed a comprehensive system of care designed to assist our patients through every life stage. From vaccinations and nutritional counseling for young, healthy pets to diagnostic testing and weight management as animals age, to specialized geriatric care to make the senior years more comfortable, our wellness services will adapt and grow right along with your fur baby, providing the specific care he or she needs at the precise moment it’s needed.

Our wellness and preventative medicine services include complete “nose to tail” physical examinations, customized vaccination plans, parasite control and prevention, nutritional counseling, weight management, behavioral counseling and anything else we deem necessary to maintain your companion’s optimum health. We also include plenty of time to answer your questions, talk about your concerns, make appropriate recommendations and just get to know you and your furry best friend better. The more we understand your companion’s unique needs, the more effective a health care plan we can develop.

To learn more about the wellness services at each of our three locations, please visit the individual websites.

We hope to see you and your furry family member in our office soon and look forward to helping you both enjoy many years of companionship.