Owner Information
Patient Information

| hereby authorize and direct the veterinarians of this location to perform the procedure and additional diagnostic and/or treatment procedures as deemed advisable for my pet. The nature of the procedure has been explained to me and no guarantee has been made as to the results or cure. | understand that the risk of death can occur during any anesthetic and/or surgical procedure. | agree to pay, in full, for services rendered, including those deemed necessary for medical or surgical complications or unforeseen circumstances. Any estimates or charges for the planned procedures are only approximations, and the final bill may be greater or less than these amounts. All services must be paid for when my pet is released. Some procedures require a deposit to be made before surgery.

We recommend intravenous fluids during the surgery to maintain blood pressure and ensure post-surgery comfort in pets less than 7 years of age and required for pets 7 years and older. The cost of intravenous fluids is $93.
We recommend that pre-anesthetic blood test be performed prior to the administration of anesthesia in pets less than 7 years of age and required for pets 7 years and older. These tests can help us detect anemia, dehydration, diabetes, kidney disease, and liver disease. All these conditions can contribute to complications in anesthesia and surgery. The cost of the blood tests range from $155 to $200 depending on your pet's age.
Our pets do not show pain as we do. They do not complain as loudly as we do and they accept the levels of pain that we could not imagine. It has been shown that humans recover better and faster if they are pain free. It is the same for our pets. If medically necessary, your fur-baby will be sent home with pain medications.
| would like my pet to have a microchip while under anesthesia. The cost of microchip with registration is $57.
| authorize the doctors and staff to perform any life saving procedures deemed necessary in the event of an emergency.
If we do not have proof of a current Rabies vaccine, one will be given and billed for today if your dog/cat is over 3 months. Would you like to have laser therapy performed post operatively to speed healing and reduce pain and inflammation? The cost is $25.
Appetite, Attitude, has been normal?